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One has to endure a series of continuous nerve wracking circumstances in order to approach the destined summit of the life.

The field of medicine is hopefully vast enough to be regarded as being out of one's precise grip, so it would be better to make some outlines for it.

This article has been written with collaboration from some senior students of Bolan Univerisity of Medical & Health Sciences (BUMHS), Quetta and Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS), Jamshoro.

The first year of MBBS seems a little harder to the newly entering students who depended for 12 years on just limited courses in their prior classes but now a huge syllabus pops up for them to be handled.

One of the most important aspect emphasized in this whole section of the text is to remain mentally and emotionally stabilized through out the year to have things tilted in your favor.

Some of the ideas are listed here in the following section:

• Manage your time in a way that allows you to move ahead easily and happily.

• Maintain your attendance both in class and in stages that are meant for internal evaluation.

• Build your concepts not merely for class tests but for the long term knowledge that should benefit you in whole life.

• Initially look to grasp the big idea of a topic then if necessary move to the fine details of the same topic.

• Study in gatherings & groups that are suitable to your mode and discuss things repeatedly.

• Take special interest in the practicals because of their significance in the clinical aspects.

• Engage in stress-relieving tasks that seem better to you as per your choice.

• Select some good text books and don't change your books through out that year

Here is our guide on How to select your first year MBBS books

• Never compare yourself with others in terms of grades nor compete with others. Just maintain your usual routine that's enough of all.

• Even as an average student you don't have to skip studies, do them on daily basis if nothing at least one or two hours may be enough than doing nothing.

• While in the college, along with other things, take care of your health and maintain a normal routine.

Tips for Physiology:

This subject contains huge sums of theory to be read on repeated bases to grasp its core concepts. Being attentive during in-class lectures can to a greater extent clear your concepts.

The best combo package for this subject is to focus on repeated readings and watch Dr. Najeeb video lectures then in the end go through a short review book like Pocket Guyton or Firdaus Physiology (It is a notorious book but can help in getting you out of the trouble at the end time)

Tips for Gross Anatomy:

The subject may be shorter in terms of theory and concepts but heavier in terms of retention of that little available text in your mind.
Sometimes, especially during initial approach even repeated readings can fail in retaining the information that was supposed to be learnt.

In order to retain the hardcore theory of this subject you have to discuss it with your friends in a sort of repeated pattern.
While studying you must consult that theory with illustrations available on Netter's Atlas or any reference book like Gray's Anatomy or KLM.

Tips for Biochemistry:

Basically, this subject is somewhat related to physiology but gives interpretation of the chemistry of the body components essential in clinical aspects.
Chemistry of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids is well discussed that can sometimes be overwhelming and diffucult. So, Be careful while dealing it.

One of the most important aspects of this subject is peculiar nature of its available books in the market that some topics are surely deficient in them because of which one has to look for different books.

There is no doubt in the fact that everyone has different views on different topics and issues so some our suggestions might contradict with that of yours.

If you have any extra useful ideas that might be helpful for the students we recommend you to share them here in the comment section below.


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