Friday, August 16, 2019

The entry into the medical school is for sure a dream that has just come true for all the lucky students out there. On such an amazing occasion one's mind is filled with great joy & happiness.

With the time being passed, one comes to realize the real picture, that was blurred by the mask of amusements, hanging on the background wall of the medical field like a terrifying ghost.

The selection of books after entering into the medical school can somewhat be a great deal for the new students. In order to reduce the ambiguity of this dabacle some mere suggestions are being highlighted in this piece of the text and the rest choice lies on the selectors themselves as to whatever suits their needs.

In the asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. MBBS is basically of four professional years and first prof. is divided into two years in which basic medical sciences like Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology are taught with specified divisions of their topics for each of the year.

Before moving on, it may be of great significance to define each of these subjects in simple words:

  • Anatomy:
=》The branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans especially through dissections and separation of body parts
=》 Branches
Gross Anatomy
General Anatomy (1st year only)
Neuroanatomy (2nd year only)

  • Biochemistry:
=》The branch of science concerned with the chemical and physico-chemical processes and substances found in human beings

  • Physiology:
=》 The branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts

After being a little more familiar with these subjects we briefly guide you through the selection process of books for each of the subjects. Basically, a medical subject is somewhat different than those we had in our intermediates. 

Here you need to avail a text book along with that an additional reference book. Text book is what we are totally dependent for our studies while reference book is merely for understanding a topic or part of a topic that was too difficult or incomplete in the text book. A review book is a short summary of a whole subject that may also be needed especially during exam time for a quick revision.

It should be noted hereby that we are giving explanations for each type of book separately just for educational purpose and understanding because it is not necessary for students to avail all books however text book is mandatory.

  • Suggested Books for Anatomy
=》Gross Anatomy
Text Book:            Snell By Region
Reference Book:  Gray's Anatomy
Review Book:    Essence Book / Short Snell
BD Chaurasia- For bones
Netter Atlas   - For illustrations

Text Book: Laiq Hussain (Author)
Reference Book: diFiore's Atlas
Review Book: Firduas

Text Book:  Laiq Hussain (Author)
Reference Book: Langman's Embryo
Review Book: Sharjeel

=》General Anatomy
Text Book: Laiq Hussain (Author)

Text Book: BD Neuroanatomy
Reference Book: Snell Neuroanatomy

  • Suggested Books for Biochemistry
Text Book:
1) Satyanarayna
2) JP Chatterji
3) Lippincoat's Review
Reference Book: Harper
Review Book: Instant Biochemistry

  • Suggested Books for Physiology
Text Book: Guyton and Hall
Reference Book: Ganong's Physiology
Review Book: Pocket Guyton Book / Firdaus Physiology

The copyright concerns of the respective authors and the publishing authorities of the medical books restrict our ability to share with you their PDF versions publicly here on our website. 
Therefore, If any of you is in need of PDF versions of any of these books then let us know through our contact panel & we shall provide you with legal ways to acquire them.


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